>a real treat…..

>I often wear socks that I’ve made myself and have made a few pairs for other people but have never had the chance to wear any made for me by someone else.

Until now that is:

hand machine knitted socks in Opal Coral Snake yarn
Machine knitted Coral Snake socks

However there is something even more special about these socks. They were made in two & a half hours using a hand cranked sock machine!

I had in my stash 4 balls of a very soft yarn that is now discontinued so rather hard to find. It went in an aeroplane to America and in return I received Curlicue, Salem, Knitters Summer 2008 and the added bonus of course of these beautiful socks.

hand machine knitted socks
check out that short row heel!

For those interested in the construction the short rows on the heels and toes are done on the machine and the only part done by hand is the kitchener on the toes.

These machines were invented in the mid 1800’s & then experienced a resurgence in popularity during the First World War. Popularised by the Red Cross they were used to provide troops with warm well fitting socks in an attempt to prevent the then killer ‘Trench Foot’.

I wonder how long would it take me to use up my stash with one of these machines?

btw: If any of you have any Wendy Velvet Touch Chunky unloved in your stash and you’d like to give it a good home pm me via Ravelry and I’ll put you in touch with a very willing recipient