Listed are the posts for April 2009.


>I’ve been very busy today: Oscar before grooming Annie looking stinky Annie & Oscar Oscar looking clean & handsome Their winter coats are now in the compost bin and both dogs are feeling great. However we’d forgotten just how small Oscar is although he makes up for the lack of inches with personality!

>Sock update

>Diagonal Lace Socks in Purple Koigu I finally settled on Diagonal Lace Socks by Wendy Knits and am really pleased with the combination of yarn and pattern. The construction of the sock is almost identical to David’s Toe up Sock Cookbook but without the maths so I’m using the pattern stitch & the maths from […]

>Dual Dishcloths

>In a recent swap on the Crafty Threads & Yarns forum I was spoilt by Modelwidow who spent a lot of time stalking me which is evident by the wonderful items she sent: Everything was very neatly wrapped in pretty lilac tissue paper….. Dishcloth & gifts Leaf Allover Cloth in Anchor Magic and then as […]

>Now the fun begins…

>Toe up sock toes in purple Koigu and I get to choose the pattern!