>Dual Dishcloths

>In a recent swap on the Crafty Threads & Yarns forum I was spoilt by Modelwidow who spent a lot of time stalking me which is evident by the wonderful items she sent:

swap gifts wrapped in lilac tissue paper
Everything was very neatly wrapped in pretty lilac tissue paper…..

Dishcloth & gifts including a small notebook, purse & a bar chocolate
Dishcloth & gifts

Leaf Allover Dishcloth knitted in Anchor Magic. Colours are a mix of red, purple & pink
Leaf Allover Cloth in Anchor Magic

and then as I was tidying up our ‘studio’ I found another little gift:

Stitch markers with a purple bow tying them together
Purple & Silver Stitch markers

Thank you so much Modelwidow. Everything was chosen with great care & I really appreciate it. The cloth is great to use in the kitchen & the yarn is far more absorbent that any I’ve used before so I’ll be keeping an eye out for it.

I sent to LadybirdLinz who loves the colour green and anything to do with ladybirds.

Summertime Spa Cloth pattern from Creative Knitting July 2008
Summertime Spa Cloth

Pattern: Summertime Spa Cloth
Yarn: Texere’s Double Top in Turquoise
Needles: 3.75mm
Time: March 17th – 20th 2009. The cloth kept me amused whilst I was sick with mumps but don’t worry Linz I washed it before I sent it to you!

close up of the Summertime Spa Cloth

I also included a few extras in green with the ‘ingredients’ to make some Ladybird stitch markers!