Listed are the posts for July 2009.

>On holiday

> We’re all enjoying a change of scenery especially Annie as she loves paddling in the sea.

>Braving Lace

>A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to take part in a Nancy Bush workshop on Estonian Lace. Apart from a few pairs of lace socks I’ve never been brave enough to partake in lace but this is soon to change: Estonian Lace sample I used some Jaeger Baby Merino 4ply from my […]

>24 hours later

> Typical of an English summer it’s now raining & I have two soggy dogs.

>cool(er) ‘dales

> The dogs have a bath, blowdry, haircut & pedicure much to their disgust but hopefully they’re feeling a bit better for it.

>Still here

> Lots of changes here including the fact that we’re childless for the summer: DD is on her way to Australia, as I write, for the holiday of a lifetime. What shall I do with myself? Knitting is happening and I have 2 FO’s but as yet no photos. Lady Eleanor should be joining the […]