Listed are the posts for August 2009.

>Home grown vegetables

> At the beginning of July DH and I decided to start a vegetable garden. It was bit late but we’ve got a few things growing and tomorrow I’ll be harvesting our first courgette. The conservatory is now a greenhouse with tomatoes, peppers, chillies, cucumber and even a melon plant. Next year I’ll be better […]

>Big Bad Berries Blanket

>Big Bad Berries Blanket Pattern: Big Bad Baby Blanket from Stitch ‘N Bitch: The Knitter’s HandbookYarn: Wendy Fusion. Colour Juniper Berries. Used 256g.Needles: 5mm Knit Picks Options InterchangablesTime taken to knit: February 5th 2009 – May 24th 2009. Size: 78cm x 73cm Big Bad Berries Blanket Inspired by another project on Ravelry I sewed 4 […]

>Current WIP’s

>A quick post to reveal some of the projects I’m working on at the moment: Waffle House socks Shetland Triangle Shawl Plus some older ones. I’m trying to finish them & get down a smaller more manageable number…..

>Bouncin’ on the Beach

>Oscars’ first visit to a beach he likes sand under his paws Wow this is fun! Got it! Mine….. I wanna take it home… Wheeeeeeeee! I’m gonna get you! Umph! Poor Annie! Quick recovery…. Ouch! Come here….. 1,2,3… Bitey face! Just keep your tail still…. Hahaha you can’t catch me I said keep it STILL!!! […]

>Kiwi & Custard

>Ribbons Baby Blanket Pattern: Fiber Trends ‘Ribbons Baby Blanket’ by Evelyn A. ClarkYarn: King Cole Smooth. Used 100g of Moss, 49g of Buttermilk & 57g of CreamNeedles: 4mm Knit Picks Options InterchangablesTime taken to knit: June 18th 2008 – May 28th 2009. Size: 58cm x 58cm This blanket sat for a long time ignored in […]