Listed are the posts for September 2009.

>It is possible……

> Please bear witness I am knitting with an 8 week old kitten on my knee albeit asleep as he has crashed due a day full of fun and frolics. Yarny evidence can be spotted in the top left hand corner and I’m casting off a pair of socks…….

>Play Time!

> He’s known as Frankie aka Thunder Paws and both dogs LOVE him…..


> Our vegetable garden is now sporting a number of young pumpkins. Hopefully we’ll have one big enough to carve for Halloween and of course there is always pumpkin soup……

>New recruit!

> For what seems like ages I’ve wanted to get another cat, a boy cat to be precise and if possible a blue boy. Years ago when DH and I first got together he had a gorgeous long haired female called Furry Cat who was sadly killed on the road, I vowed then that one […]