Merry Christmas

I hope you’re all having a wonderful day with loved ones and enjoying a peaceful & joy filled day.


Our Christmas is a bit different this year as I had an accident 2 days ago involving a lovely farm dog, who obsessed with a moving quad bike, ran into my knee at top speed and sent me crashing to the floor. It’s too swollen at the moment to be certain of the damage but for now the Doctors think I’ve hurt my medial cruciate ligament and possibly the cartilage as well 🙁

So my Christmas this year involves minimal movement but that means lots of knitting as I can’t do much else. Poor DH has to do everything else including all dog walking which he’s not happy about as he’d planned a few lazy mornings in bed but I’d swap in an instant.

As I’m typing DD is happily checking out her presents and playing a new CD and I’m pleased that all presents were bought and wrapped well in advance…..

Posted by ShoZu