Listed are the posts for January 2010.

>Knitting Update

>Various projects have been started and finished and not shown here for a number of reasons: Some were Christmas presents, others because DH has been too busy to take photos and also because my mojo left the building. I’ve found my lifestyle change very hard to take in and just because I have a lot […]

>A month later

>and I’m still here sat on my butt in same the chair. The brace is still on and I really hate it. The crutches/brace give me blisters and I’m hobbling around. Being in constant pain definitely gives life a different edge and my priorities have changed. It’s now an ordeal to do anything and I […]

>Out with the old

>Perhaps to be expected we didn’t have the best Christmas or New Year celebrations. 2009 was a difficult year for our family on many levels most of which isn’t to be shared here. 2008 was also hard on us so we could really do with a change this year…. Knitting is taking place but I’ve […]