>A month later

>and I’m still here sat on my butt in same the chair. The brace is still on and I really hate it. The crutches/brace give me blisters and I’m hobbling around.

Being in constant pain definitely gives life a different edge and my priorities have changed. It’s now an ordeal to do anything and I REALLY miss walking the dogs in the morning. I’ve been told it’ll be 3 months before I’m walking but one month on and I’ve had no progress to speak of so I’m not holding my breath.

But life goes on: Frankie kitten is now 6 months old & was neutered this week. He went out for the first time this afternoon & the woodshed was VERY interesting. He’s developed a love of dog food so we’re trying to persuade Oscar to eat his food so that Frankie doesn’t steal it.

Frankie blue & white kitten
Frankie aged 4 months as we haven’t taken any photos recently

I started a new job a week before the accident but luckily I’m based at home so haven’t had to take time off sick. It’s been interesting trying to arrange an invalid working area as I can’t sit at my desk but it’s doable, the work is interesting and I’m enjoying it.