>Knitting Update

>Various projects have been started and finished and not shown here for a number of reasons: Some were Christmas presents, others because DH has been too busy to take photos and also because my mojo left the building. I’ve found my lifestyle change very hard to take in and just because I have a lot more time to knit because I can’t walk, doesn’t mean that I want to, does that make sense?

Lady Eleanor
Lady Eleanor the Second

Pattern: Lady Eleanor.
Yarn: 400g of Noro Silk Garden in shade 264
Needles: 5mm circulars
Time taken to knit: August 10th 2008 – September 25th 2009

When she saw my Lady Eleanor a few years ago my Step-Mum LOVED it & wanted to ‘borrow’ it indefinitely.

Lady Eleanor shawl
Lady Eleanor shawl in Noro Silk Garden 264

So I made another for her.

Lady Eleanor shawl
DD having fun modelling the Lady Eleanor shawl

It took me such a long time to make as I associated it with pain having started it when I came out of hospital after surgery and wanted a familiar easy knit.

Lady Eleanor shawl
Lady Eleanor shawl

After the seeming disaster of my Noro Fake Isle Hat Arianwen saved the day with the use/loan of her wooden hat blocker.

Fake Isle Hat in Cascade 220 & Noro Silk Garden
Fake Isle Hat before blocking

ake Isle Hat
Fake Isle Hat after blocking

I love it but unfortunately rarely get outside at the moment so haven’t worn it yet. DD also loves it so I made another for her:

Fake Isle Hat
Fake Isle Hat

Pattern: Fake Isle Hat.
Yarn: 21g of Noro Kureyon in shade 159 and 36g of Cascade 220 in Jet
Needles: 2x 4mm circulars knitted in the round
Time taken to knit: December 26th 2009 – December 27th 2009

Fake Isle Hat
Fake Isle Hat

Lastly (for now) what seemed to take forever as it bored me to tears:

Baktus Scarf
Baktus Scarf

Pattern: Baktus Scarf.
Yarn: 90g of Opal Silk Sock Yarn in shade 1121
Needles: 3.5mm
Time taken to knit: May 9th 2009 – December 28th 2009

This scarf took forever as I’d started it for a work colleague & then lost my job so it sat unfinished for a long time and I also found the pattern tedious to be honest. I finally made myself finish it just to get it out of the way and doesn’t have a home yet.

So an update of my finished knits. Lots of other things have been started, abandoned & then then reluctantly picked up again but that’s for another day.