>12 weeks plus

>I’m finally starting to get better. The horrendous pain has eased and now instead I’ve just got pain and discomfort. I am ‘walking’ wearing the leg brace and using crutches and am actually bearing weight on my right leg!

Now my problem relates to the range of movement, or lack of, in my knee. The hamstring had shortened after such a long time of not being used and my knee being propped up on pillows. This is nearly resolved and now I’ve got to work on the knee. It’s stiffened up & I need to be able to free up in order to walk normally again. I need 90 degree of movement in order to ever be able to walk and I have 45 at the moment.

So lots of very uncomfortable exercises to come and ice packs are my reward to numb the resulting pain. My muscles have gone & my leg has wasted away a bit so lots of work to do once I’ve got the knee working again. I aiming to be running again by the end of the year.

Btw: above is now my morning activity instead of walking with my ‘dales, Frankie has the most amazing tummy……..

Posted by ShoZu