>Still here

>In 3 days time it’ll be 6 months since my accident. I have been discharged by the physio & am allowed to drive again which is great as I hated being dependant upon other people to ferry me around. However the physio thinks it’ll take another 5 months or so until I’m back to normal. I have to use a walking stick which I HATE as without it I have a very pronounced limp. I feel very self-conscious either way so not good.

I’m desperate to get moving again and have set myself the task of investigating ‘Sports Rehabilitation’ next week but don’t know if it’s available on the NHS. My long suffering husband is still walking the dogs every morning and could really do with a day off/a lie in. I’m desperate to walk them but Oscar is lively and my balance isn’t great.

Knitting wise I decided to make something very simple using colours that would cheer me up:

Courtyard Steps blanket
Courtyard Steps blanket

This photo was taken a few weeks ago and I’m much further on now. I stupidly bought only 4 balls of each colour. This wouldn’t have even made it big enough for a toddler to use as a buggy blanket but 2 Raverlors were kind enough to help me out and I now have another 3 of the green. I’m still after a ball or two of the pink (Anchor Style Magicline 1462, dyelot 22726) if anyone has any spare…….