Listed are the posts for December 2010.

A year later

Today a year ago I had an an accident. Due to it initially being diagnosed as a sprain I didn’t see a physio for a few months. The first consultant told me I’d be walking within 3 months which proved to be too optimistic. Finally after 4 months I had a full diagnosis: Bone bruising […]

>It goes on……

>The snow is getting deeper and it’s getting colder….

>Poor old girl

> Annie didn’t enjoy her walk this morning as she had to plod through 16″ of snow. She’ll be 10 years old next April and is slowing down.Oscar at 3 years of age had a fantastic time…. However this information is second hand as my knee isn’t yet up to walking in snow so my […]

>Winter wonderland

> It snowed heavily over night & is still coming down. I’ve been trying to keep the bird feeders full and clear of snow but am fighting a losing battle. This morning Oscar bounced through a foot of snow whereas poor Annie plodded. Neither were impressed with the bucket of warm water I dipped their […]