Christmas gifts

Well the cold turned into flu & knocked me flat. DD got it first & in true style was generous with her germs and then I in turn gave it to DH. So Christmas was a bit of a washout in our house to be honest.

My knitting mojo has deserted me yet again and everything I touch seems to go wrong so I haven’t been doing much of it. So instead I’ve been sewing. I made some Christmas presents but they were of the fabric kind rather than fibre.

Firstly a make up bag for my 13 year old niece:

red handmade zipped makeup bagmakeup bag
Pattern: Makeup bag Tutorial by ‘Come and see the Seitz’

I lined the bag in black cotton but forgot to get a photo of it open.

This was only the second time that I’ve inserted a zip so it was a bit nerve racking but I’m pleased with the outcome. I put a Boots giftcard inside so she can treat herself to something to put inside it.

Then a bag for her 10 year old sister:

blue batik tote bag
blue batik tote bag
and a peek at the fish fabric that I used for the lining:

blue batik fish material bag lining
blue batik fish material bag lining
It’s a pattern I’ve used before but I left off the applique this time.

The bag in particular was well received and taken to school this week with pencil case and other treasures.

I made a few other things as well but am waiting to hear that they’ve been received before I share the details.