A little notebook cover

I decided to make a present for an friend of mine. We go back a long way but as we don’t live near each other any more I don’t see her very often & haven’t been to her new flat. So what to make for this woman who has everything without knowing what colours she surrounds herself in. She isn’t into technology (my first thought was a fabric phone cover but she hates her phone) but seems to be open to handmade items.

I decided a notebook cover (with a little notebook) was the way to go.

First I rummaged through my bag of scraps. These little triangles were given to me by a friend as leftovers from a quilt she’d made:

Then I found another scrap & made it a bit bigger:

I backed it with interfacing for stability and then did a bit of fancy stitching to jazz it up a bit (the colours are a bit off here the other 2 are more representative).

Finally with a little bit of elastic to hold the notebook inside it was ready to wrap up and post:

Anyway she loved it and was amazed to hear that it took an afternoon to put together. It would have been quicker if I hadn’t been making it up as I went along.

I’m using my phone for photos at the moment so they’re not wonderful.