Listed are the posts for February 2012.

More snow

It snowed again last night and this time we had about 2″. So nothing horrendous and with winter tyres on the car and Yaktraks on my boots I enjoyed our walk this morning. As did the dogs: Annie seemed to have a bit of bounce but the snow revealed just how much she drags her […]

A little bit of snow

We had our first snow of the winter last night and woke up to 3″ on the ground. Whilst it isn’t a patch on last years snowfall it was still very welcome. Last night when I took Annie out for a ‘comfort break’ I realised that it was the first time I’d walked in snow […]

Pimp my vest…

I found a small hole recently on one of our duvet covers. Superking pure cotton duvet covers aren’t cheap so I decided to repair it. As the duvet cover is a solid lilac colour I chose a scrap of a pretty purple floral fabric. Using the hearts die for my Accuquilt I applied bondaweb to […]