A little bit of snow

We had our first snow of the winter last night and woke up to 3″ on the ground.

Whilst it isn’t a patch on last years snowfall it was still very welcome. Last night when I took Annie out for a ‘comfort break’ I realised that it was the first time I’d walked in snow since my accident on December 23rd 2009. Snow on the ground when in leg brace and on crutches means that I couldn’t get out of the house and the following year I was using a walking stick and again I found myself housebound.

So I thoroughly enjoyed feeling the crunch of snow under my boots but not enough to give up my Sunday in bed. DH & DD took the dogs out this morning to play:

Annie is nearly 11 years old, blind and has been ill recently. She has arthritis and has been having problems with a middle ear infection recently which leaves her feeling very ill and often unable to walk. So I’ve been back and forth to the vets with her over the last couple of weeks and hope that the antibiotics do their stuff soon .

Oscar as always LOVES snow and acts like a total clown . Annie normally loves it too but it’s too much for her now.