Listed are the posts for April 2012.

Bagsket and more

Recently I took part in an Easter swap.  I spent some time researching my recipient and discovered that she knits mainly cardigans and large shawls.  She also has two young cats. So I started thinking about what I could make her and the cats gave me an idea. I made her a Bagsket, a project […]

It’s my birthday…

It’s been a quiet day but I’ve been spoilt with lots of lovely gifts: Firstly I got 2 Accuquilt dies and mat from DH and my Step-Mom. Then a bag from a wonderful friend: The outer red fabric is a heavy canvas and the stripped fabric used to be 2 tea towels. It has 3 […]

Seabreeze Socks

  Time taken to knit: February 1st 2012 t0 March 28th 2012 Needles: 2.25mm Pattern: David’s Toe-up Sock Cook Book Knitted as usual 2 at a time toe up on 2x 80cm circular needles. I spent months trying to find a pattern that didn’t cause the colours to pool and flash but gave up & […]

Goodbye Annie

Last month I had to say Goodbye to my eldest dog Annie: Like Blue, Annie came to live with us via West of England and South Wales Airedale Terrier Club.  She narrowly avoided being drowned in a horse trough at 8 weeks of age by her ‘breeder’ as she had been rejected by a broker, […]


Welcome to my new home. Due to various technical difficulties with Blogger I decided to move. I’m really behind on posts and have lots of photos to share but first need to write my last post at the old site. Back soon…