It’s my birthday…

It’s been a quiet day but I’ve been spoilt with lots of lovely gifts:


Firstly I got 2 Accuquilt dies and mat from DH and my Step-Mom.

Then a bag from a wonderful friend:


The outer red fabric is a heavy canvas and the stripped fabric used to be 2 tea towels. It has 3 pockets inside for my kindle, phone and something else. I absolutely love the stripes and the deep red colour is a favourite of mine.

Finally a wonderful parcel from Franney in a birthday swap:


The book is one I’ve wanted for ages as Franney made a bag from it which is gorgeous. I love the fat quarters well and the ric rac matches! Thanks so much Franney for such lovely and well thought out gifts.

We both took the day off work but  DH isn’t well and spent the afternoon asleep on the sofa. Hopefully he’ll he feel better soon…