Listed are the posts for May 2012.

Scrap Challenge update

So far I’ve reduced my bag of fabric scraps by nearly a quarter and have lots of shapes to use: From top left going across, 5″ squares, mini tumblers, 4.5″ squares, 5″ hexagons, 2.5″ squares, 2.5″ half square triangles, 3″ hexagons & 2″ hexagons. Anything smaller than the 2″ hexagon is going and will be […]

Scrappy Challenge

After reading this magazine I set myself a challenge: (Yes that is the Tumbler quilt underneath but it’s not quite finished yet so let’s move on.) I have a bag overflowing with scrap fabrics. Some from my own projects and others from bags sold as a pick & mix, (I can’t resist a bag of […]


Supposedly we’re in drought but yet it has rarely stopped raining for the past 6 weeks. I’m so glad we live on a hill as the ground is saturated and this area was flooded in 2007. The temperature has also dropped and is predicted to reach freezing tonight.  So the woodburner is on (the latest […]