Still here…

Life is a bit crazy at the moment. My husband has a slipped disc and is off work. He’s unable to sit so has to lie on the bed, floor or stand which also causes him pain. He’s desperately missing cycling but the Tour de France has helped a bit.

My daughter (now 16, how did that happen?) has gone to Australia for the summer. However her plans of swimming, surfing and other sports have been dashed as she has been diagnosed with misaligned hips and tendon damage from the 6 years she spent as a competitive swimmer and made worse by too many hours at the gym (she & I often go to the gym together and she loves exercising). So she is also laid up but far away from home. She spent over a year working (2 paper rounds before and after school) and saving for this trip which makes it even worse for her.

I’m full of cold which compared to the others is nothing but it’s making me feel miserable.

I’m desperately trying to finish my socks as I want to cast on for a new project:


I spent the morning grooming Oscar yesterday and he’s enjoying the attention that a haircut always brings:


Very little sewing has taken place since DH hurt his back as I’ve been too busy with the house, garden and more whereas knitting is always possible as it’s so portable. Well that’s my excuse anyway…