Sore paw again

The day after his operation I found a sore on Oscars’ other fore paw that looked exactly the same as the last. So with the help of warm salted water, my husband and a large amount of cat biscuits I opened it up and removed all the ‘gunk’. Again the seed had gone and as he was already on antibiotics both paws healed well.

Two and a half weeks later the stitches were removed and that should have been the end of it.

3 days into normal exercise and he sprained his ‘wrist’ or pastern as it’s called on a dog so back to lead walking. Then he damaged his stopper pad by skidding for his ball so more traipsing the streets on the lead.

Until Friday when he cut his pad. For a tiny cut the blood loss was impressive so I cleaned and bandaged it. It stopped bleeding but he still couldn’t walk on it so back to the vets for another operation today:


The vet removed a big piece of glass and he’s already happier to bear weight on his paw.

Hopefully his paws will stay uninjured now as he needs them for bouncing…