Listed are the posts for September 2012.

Morning light

We’ve had wet and windy weather for the past day or so and winter is definitely on it’s way. This photo was taken at 7:15 this morning from our bedroom window and doesn’t give the light full justice: Half an hour later whilst being blown to pieces walking the dog I took this: Now it’s […]

Cosy evening…

There was a lot of excitement here an hour ago as we’ve lit the woodburner for the first time this winter: DD was bouncing around in delight as she LOVES the woodburner and the cosy atmosphere it creates. Of course the first lighting had to be accompanied by The Gilmore Girls for full effect: As […]

Baby gifts

Regular readers may remember that I decorated some baby vests (or onesies if you’re in the States) a few months ago. They were very well received and I was asked to do some more. However this time I decided to be a bit braver and instead of using my Accuquilt I played around with some […]

Home at last

Our daughter returned from Australia yesterday. She had a wonderful time but is pleased to be back. She found lots of fabric shops in Sydney & the Blue Mountains and bought me a huge amount of presents: Washing has been done and today she is relaxing before starting 6th form college tomorrow.  Jet lag is […]