Baby gifts

Regular readers may remember that I decorated some baby vests (or onesies if you’re in the States) a few months ago. They were very well received and I was asked to do some more. However this time I decided to be a bit braver and instead of using my Accuquilt I played around with some designs, bondaweb and scraps of fabric:


Sheep applique on baby onesie or baby vest



I used white on white fabric for the sheeps’ body and stippled it to give more texture.

My friend absolutely adores them and even her husband liked them (apparently he rarely notices what his daughter is wearing). This was his favourite:


Scottish Terrier dog applique on baby onesie or baby vest


and this was Mums’:


Flower applique onto baby onesie or vest

Flower in Liberty tana lawn prints


Sitting cat applique on baby onesie or baby vest


In order to avoid anything scratchy inside the vest I first sewed the designs onto a seperate piece of knit jersey and then put that onto the vest. It adds a bit of bulk to the vest but means that the inside is nice and  soft.


Tilda hare head on a baby onesie or baby vest

A Tilda hare

After finishing them I discovered that appliqued clothes are ‘the in thing’ this year for young children if the latest Mini-Boden catalogue is to be believed.


Appliqued butterfly on baby vest or baby onesie with a bit of handsewing

and finally my favourite a butterfly

I enjoyed making these which is just as well as baby J is a petite little lady and even though she has just celebrated her 1st birthday these vests in 12-18 months size are far too big.

So I’m planning some more in a smaller size…