Cosy evening…

There was a lot of excitement here an hour ago as we’ve lit the woodburner for the first time this winter:


DD was bouncing around in delight as she LOVES the woodburner and the cosy atmosphere it creates. Of course the first lighting had to be accompanied by The Gilmore Girls for full effect:


As it’s normally autumn (fall) or winter on the show & DD has a bit of a Gilmore fest a couple of years ago when we had a lot of snow. The flickering light and crackerling is very comforting.

I went to Germany last weekend with work which was fun but unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to visit any yarn or fabric shops. I didn’t take my knitting due to the flight hassles but regretted it. I spent a lot of time waiting around in airports and on coaches. My kindle was great but I can’t read when travelling. However knitting doesn’t make me feel sick especially if I’m following a simple pattern.

I’m making this Debbie Bliss cardigan for baby J out of cream  Baby Cashmerino:


The back is done and I’m about to cast on both fronts together. No photos yet but maybe soon.

So that’s my evening tonight, knitting in front of the fire whilst the wind whips up a storm outside…