Bright tumbling quilt

A long time ago, (Boxing Day 2011 to be precise) I started playing with the Accuquilt that I had got for Christmas the day before.  I had nestled in my stash a pretty set of 5 fat quarters that Arianwen gave me as a birthday present a year or so back.


The 5 patterned fat quarters on their own didn’t give me enough fabric so I added 3 solids from my stash.

These were sewn into strips and much unpicking went on as apparently I failed to notice when I sewed 2 together. My daughter helped a lot in this stage as we moved tumblers around & around trying to make sure that the colours weren’t touching or pooling:

Fabric Tumbler shapes sewn into strips

Mini Tumbler shapes sewn into strips

Then work was halted as I had other things to make and also went back to work after the Christmas holidays.

Eventually I picked it up again, added a black border to make the colours ‘pop’ and quilted it onto a fleece backing.

orange fleece backing on mini tumbler quilt

Orange fleece backing showing the quilting lines

Then it sat in a corner for ages as I had decided that I wanted to add a strip of piping before the binding. However it was a technique I had never done before so it again waited until I did a workshop and found out what to do.

The piping used the red fabric that I had originally intended for the binding but luckily I found the blue bubble Fabric Freedom fabric in my stash for the binding.

This poor little quilt then had to wait for the binding again as I don’t like doing that bit but recently I forced myself to finish it.

So here it is…

Bright mini tumbler quilt

Finished size: 103cm x 86.5cm

16 mini tumblers x 10 rows


Corner detail of mini-tumbler quilt showing the binding, piping & border

Corner detail showing the binding, piping & border

I added a little label on the back sewn in turquoise onto orange fabric but the message is a personal one so no photos I’m afraid.

Stained glass effect of the quilt held up against a window

I absolutely love this little quilt and I always intended to send it to my father who loves bright colours. He’s had a difficult year so this was a much needed hug sent through the post. He absolutely loves it so I’m happy to let it go.