New fabrics

I got paid a few days ago and had a little shopping list ready (as I’m sure many of us do every month). Mine was fabric related this month and the results are gorgeous.

Last month I bought a Kona shade card from Simply Solids as solid fabrics are something that I REALLY struggle to find. Decent fabric shops are at least an hours drive from where I live and the only local offering is HobbyCraft, which in addition to being expensive, often doesn’t have what I need. There is a great shop an hour and a half away where fabrics are only £6 pm but again solids are a bit sparse. Prints, no problem but it’s hard to get a solid to suit the prints and I do like to use a solid. Then I found Simply Solids.

Kona color card

Kona fabrics shade card

With 243 colours it’s so big that it was difficult to get into one photo.

So then the fun began and I dug out a number of UFO’s and also fabrics for future projects. It’s great to be able to have a really good choice of shades rather than just one or two in a single colour. The individual swatches of fabric can’t be moved which is fine when matching with a print but more difficult when trying to work out if two solids will work together but Justine of Simply Solids replied to my query very quickly (would Bright Pink & Banana look good together? see photo lower down in this post).

On my birthday last year I bought a charm pack in Moda Sunkissed, from the Quilt Museum in York, purely to play with. I’d been following Auntie Noo’s progress with her Disappearing 9 Patch quilt and LOVED it so decided to have a go. The charm pack gave me 4 blocks measuring 13 1/2″ square:

Disappearing 9 patch block made from a Moda Sunkissed charm pack

Disappearing 9 patch block made from a Moda Sunkissed charm pack

I’d realised that these 4 blocks weren’t enough for a full sized quilt so bought a Layer Cake in the same line (to cut up into another 4 charm packs as it was a cheaper option) plus a meter of the spotted fabric (rectangle on the right in the above photo) which then joined the blocks in my fabric cupboard as I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with them.  They stayed there unloved for over a year but the shade card has meant that they’re back on my WIP list. I love using solid fabrics with prints and had great fun choosing which colours I wanted:

Picture of a Disappearing 9 patch block with 4 solid fabrics alongside

Moda Sunkissed with Kona solids, Bright Pink, Banana, Olive and Ash

I also liked an orange shade called Butterscotch but that wasn’t in stock but Justine has very kindly offered to add to her next order (along with a number of other colours that I wanted) which is fantastic customer service in my opinion.  I took advantage of free postage on orders over £15 and delivery took 3 days which is great considering I didn’t pay for it.

I also bought some Kona Lime to go with this whale fabric:

Whale fabric with Kona Lime

It’s not an exact match but by far the best I’ve found so far and by the time the fabrics have been cut up and mixed with the other solids that I already have I think it’ll work really well.  This project might well get finished before the Sunkissed quilt but both are behind another in my WIP list. However I have started cutting up the Sunkissed Layer Cake so the order is definitely subject to change:

Moda Sunkissed Layer Cake being cut into 5" squares

Moda Sunkissed Layer Cake being cut into 4 Charm Packs

Another company that bought from this week is LOVE fabric. One of the owners is the lovely Lisa of Lisa’s Stitching Life and I’ve watched this company with interest. A few months ago they had a number of colours in Spraytime but not black which is real favourite of mine instead of solid black. So after a quick email volley and black was added to the next order list!

Spraytime fabric in black, semi solid


I bought 2m of this but it has no definite projects at the moment. I’ve loosely assigned it to a University quilt for my 17 year old daughter but she’s only just started her A levels so I’ve got nearly another 2 years before she leaves home. Normally she isn’t too bothered about my sewing but when she saw some little gifts I’d made with this fabric (as yet unblogged but I’ll try to remedy this soon), she mentioned that she really liked it.

Prior to LOVE fabric offering to get it in for me I had failed to find another supplier in this colour as my previous source (the aforementioned stupidly expensive Hobbycraft) no longer stocked it. Postage on all orders from LOVE fabric is only £1 and took 2 days which I was really pleased with.

So fabric stocks have been replenished and my WIP sewing list has been reorganised. However as the temperature has dropped recently I’ve mainly been knitting rather than sewing due to our woodburner:

W-A-R-M-T-H…. I haz it

I sew in our dining room my sewing room but we don’t use the central heating all the time and the woodburner in the living room is soooooo lovely.  Maybe I should dig out my thermals, add layers and just get on with it…