Better late than never…

As I am spending a lot of my free time at the gym at the moment finished items have a bit thin of the ground recently but at last I have something to share:

Handknitted socks knitted in Regia Design Line Easter

Socks knitted in Regia Design Line Easter

Time Taken to knit: 29th of March – July 30th 2012

Yarn: Regia Design Line in Easter

Pattern:  David’s Toe-Up Sock Cookbook with a 2×2 twisted rib

Needles: 2mm Knit Picks Circulars

SPI: 9

Technique: Knitted toe up two at a time

Hand knitted socks

Check out those stripes!

The colours are so spring like and cheerful:

sock roll

I love the bright colours


I started these socks in March, the timing seemed apt given the name of the yarn but they took a while to reach my feet.  The knitting went quickly enough but I ran out of yarn during the cast off. So they were ignored for a while but the knitting elves didn’t pay a visit. Then I spent half an hour tinking back & redoing the cast off only to leave them again for a bit due to the yarn ends. Finally last week I spent another half an hour sewing the ends in whilst chatting to Arianwen on the phone and then rather than ignoring them (yet) again I washed them.

Hand knitted stripey socks

Happy feet!

I’ve worn them already and like the other pairs that I’ve made with this pattern they fit perfectly.  It’s really nice to wear a pair of well fitting socks that make you smile whenever you catch a glimpse of them.

The baby cardigan is nearing completion and I’ve already swatched for my next pair of socks…