Watermelon socks


PatternDavid’s Toe-Up Sock Cookbook by David Schulz using 3×1 twisted rib.
Yarn: 65g of Opal Acapulco shade 1306 and 33g of Regia Uni shade 1092
Needles: 2x 2.25mm circulars
Made for: me, UK 7
Method: Two at a time, toe up. The toes were cast on separately, rejoined and then separated again for the heels before rejoining and then I worked up the leg.
Time taken to knit: March 10th 2013 – June 19th 2013


I fancied another pair with solid heels, toes and cuffs after making my Waffle House socks and liked how these colours worked together.



I worked a twisted 3×1 rib and then changed to a twisted 1×1 rib for the cuff:



As always I was determined to get the stripes to match which meant more ends than normal to sew in but it was worth it.


But unlike my Easter socks I made myself sew the ends in straight away so they didn’t languish in an almost finished state for weeks.

I particularly like the heels…