Posh Paws

Oscar has been suffering in the heat recently so I spent most of yesterday grooming him. After last summers fiasco with
grass seeds I decided to clip his paws very short like a Poodle to try and avoid a repeat performance.


Before grooming he looked like a normal Airedale Terrier albeit a bit shaggy.

As we’re finally experiencing a summer here in England I took his coat shorter than normal and then gave him ‘Posh Paws’.  It was quite hard to do as he has extremely ticklish feet and kicks like a mule but hopefully he’ll get used to it:


He normally suffers from knots in between his paws in between grooming sessions but I managed to clip this area clean which will hopefully solve that problem for a bit.



One benefit of him having poodle paws is that it took seconds to hose them down after his walk this morning so they might be here to stay even if he looks slightly ridiculous.