June budgeting

After my last post detailing how I’m aiming to save money on our household spending I’m pleased to announce that I saved 15% from our food budget in June. An increase of 5% on the previous month and like last month we ended the month with full cupboards and freezers.  In fact twice this week already we’ve had meals out of the freezer as I need some room. I’ve found that most recipes are for 4 and as there are 3 of us the 4th portion gets frozen. So eventually we end up with a huge selection of home cooked ‘ready meals’ that need using up. My burger press has been used a lot and home made bean burgers are open frozen before being bagged up.  They are much nicer than shop bought vegetarian burgers, cheaper and far healthier as well as I know EXACTLY what’s in them.

Previously I would have to ‘stretch’ the last of the food budget by the end of the month and as soon as the 1st of the month came around I had to do a HUGE food shop but not any more.  I’ve continued to watch prices of food but am also careful regarding fuel and time. I’m shopping carefully and to a list (the latter makes a big difference).  Shopping is fitted around other things going on and items deemed non-essential wait until I can get them cheaply.

The garden has kept us in strawberries for the past month and we have so much lettuce it’s getting a bit silly. The courgettes have just started and soon the tomatoes and cucumbers will be available as well.  Which explains our ‘ready meal nights’, I need room in the freezers for meals made from our home grown vegetables.

I wonder how much I can save in July?