Money saving July

In July we managed to save a whopping 19.75% from our food budget which is almost an increase of 5% on last month. The cupboards, fridge & freezer were again filled up before the end of the month and I even had enough to fill 2 carrier bags of food for our local food bank. In fact in I take the food bank donation into account I think I would have saved 25% on what we used to spend prior to me starting this in May.

I’ve been trying to think about what I’ve changed in the past few months to achieve this and make a few notes here:

  • I now bulk buy items where I know that they’re cheaper rather than just when I see them in the shop. For example Kidney beans are 21p in most supermarkets but 27p each in Morrisons. Loose oranges are 10p each in Asda but £1.49 for 6 in Aldi so Asda wins that one.  More info on that here.
  • I don’t however make special journeys just to save a couple of pence as that would cost more in diesel. The way to handle it is not to totally run out of the ingredient in the first place. Which leads me onto the next item…
  • A detailed shopping list. Write items down as they’re running low rather than running out altogether. Don’t go shopping without a list of what you need. Don’t have an empty stomach and it helps if you can go without impulsive partners and children as well.
  • LOTS of home cooking. Freezing the extra portions (there are 3 of us) provides meals for another night or for lunches whilst also ensuring that we keep our portions under control.
  • I plan our meals a few days in advance and ALWAYS build in using up leftovers to ensure no waste. Initially I did a menu plan for a full week but that didn’t enable us to use up leftovers or special offers on fresh produce.
  • I’ve massively cut back on our use of kitchen roll by using Krama washclothes from Ikea (my husband has to have something with him to wipe his face whilst he eats apparently) and they’re also useful for my facial routine which again saves money on expensive beauty products.
  • Keep all your food receipts. This makes it really easy to compare prices later and keep a track of your spending.

I hope that this is of interest to someone and if you do manage to save money using any of the above please consider donating food to your local food bank.