Belated post

I had planned to post about my trip to the Festival of Quilts last month. The trip was a birthday present from my husband and became a girly trip with a very good friend.  Hotel booked, yarn shop enroute planned, money saved and a shopping list of sorts prepared what could go wrong?

A fall whilst out running early on the morning of August 4th with my dog is what went wrong. I cockled over on a stone and ended up on the floor having my head licked by a very concerned Airedale.  A couple of passers by helped me back to my car and I somehow managed to drive home but within minutes I couldn’t bear weight on it so realised that the drive was purely done on adrenaline.  X-rays determined that it was a sprain and I was sent home without crutches. The show was 4 days later.

In desperation as I didn’t want to cancel the trip I hired a mobility scooter to use for the day. It was great and without it I wouldn’t have been able to get around the show but it was an experience.  It’s amazing how suddenly you become invisible when you’re sat in a scooter. How other people walk in front of you, drop bags on your very painful ankle which was elevated on the wheel arch of the scooter (I nearly screamed) and walk into the space which I’d waited to appear so that I could reverse safely and then stand still wondering where to go next even though the scooter was beeping a warning.  I got really fed up with people being rude and ignorant when it was obvious that I wasn’t able to walk easily.  I’m lucky as I was only in it for a day and my injury is temporary and I’ll definitely be far more aware of others using scooters and chairs in the future.

This was my view at the beginning of the show:



and later on once we’d done some shopping:



Sadly because of my injured ankle I’ve barely been able to do any sewing since. I have made one tiny thing for a swap:



a very bright coaster for someone who loves orange and purple



and a view of the back.

I’ve loads more to share but will leave you with my latest knitting project: