Happy New Year

A bit belated I admit but better late than never.

My blog has been down for a while due to technical problems but my husband is a bit of a whizz and has sorted it all out.  So as he’s put the effort in I thought I’d better get back into the blogging habit.

A lot has happened in the mean time but one thing that hasn’t changed is that I’m still injured. As mentioned previously I fell whilst out jogging and have hurt my left ankle. I’ve seen a specialist and he suspects that I’ve partially torn a tendon in my ankle. I’m having an MRI next week and get the results/treatment plan at the beginning of February. I’m in pain but it’s not as bad as when I smashed my knee and I can walk albeit it slowly. However I can’t lead my normal life and exercise is difficult as is walking Oscar. Luckily he’s obsessed with his ball so I hobble to the first flat field in the park and throw it constantly until he refuses to retrieve it any more.  DH is also helping to exercise him as is a good friend who takes him for a very good walk once a week so between the three of us we’re managing to tire him out. Oscar is a high energied dog and he needs to run every day.  I’m still managing to do two exercise classes a week as I do a class that uses a gym ball so I can keep off my ankle. I was pretty fit before I hurt myself and am doing everything I can to maintain a semblance of fitness. 

I haven’t done any machine sewing since I made the coaster as sitting with my foot on the floor for a period of time causes more pain so am tentatively exploring hand sewing. With this in mind DH bought me these for Christmas:


Woolly Embroidery by Kyuuto!


Embroidery book

Doodle Stitching by Aimee Ray

However I haven’t done much with them yet as I’ve been busy with these:

hand knitted socks two at at time toe up

Aquaphobia socks in Posh Yarns Lucia


I’m nearly ready to start the cuff so hope to finish them soon.

With the turn of a new year I set to thinking about what I wanted to achieve this year and came up with these:

  • Get my ankle fixed
  • Get fit again but I’ve promised not to run outside anymore (which is how I injured my ankle)
  • Continue to lose weight – I’ve nearly lost the weight I’d regained after my knee injury and am determined not to put it back on again now that I’m injured again.
  • Knit & sew from stash
  • Knit a lot more socks – I managed 3 3/4 pairs in 2013 which isn’t enough given the size of my sock yarn stash

With the latter in mind I went through all the my finished projects on Ravelry and tagged them with the year of completion and it was an eye opener!  I made 25 things in 2009 and only 1 in 2010 as I injured my knee just before Christmas 2009. I’m still not back up to my previous productivity so have chosen 12 sock yarns that I intend to knit up this year. With this in mind I’ve joined the Socks with Sarah KAL, which advocates knitting your socks every day so that it becomes an ingrained habit, and so will be  knitting at least one round on my socks every day this year. So far I’ve managed to do it even if it is just one round a day. Sometimes without intending to my socks get ignored for days at a time so at least this way they’ll grow a bit quicker.

I’ve also joined the Follow your arrow mystery KAL as Arianwen gave me the pattern for Christmas. I’ll be using some beautiful Pear Tree 4 ply that I was given by Melanie a few years ago:

Pear Tree 4ply

Pear Tree 4ply

I’ve been waiting for the perfect pattern as the yarn is so gorgeous and I think this is it. The first clue is released tomorrow so my knitting time will be split between both knit alongs.

Finally some sock yarn that our daughter bought me for Christmas from The Sock Yarn Shop:

purple striped sock yarn

Regia Design Line “Jazz Color”

Orange Opal Uni 4 ply sock yarn

Orange Opal Uni 4 ply sock yarn

So you can see why I need to knit at least one round a day…