Returning to crafting

I’m back.  I took a break from blogging as my ankle injury was getting in the way of crafting and the pain was getting me down. I’ve finally got a diagnosis and have scratched the thin layer of cartilage on the Talar Dome (think of a knuckle bone after a dog has had a quick gnaw on it). Physiotherapy twice a week for the past 3 months is really helping and I’m more mobile than I was but not fully healed yet.

Because of this my knitting mojo has gone out of the window – given that I find it hard to get handknitted socks on to my foot I really can’t drum up enough enthusiasm to make them. I have a pair on the needles that get worked on occasionally but not every day as I had planned. However this needs to change as my sock yarn stash isn’t small. It’s the second time that I’ve had an injury that has affected my mobility and I’ve had enough.

I have however been busy with my sewing machine recently. I can finally sew again and started off by making simple 4 patch blocks as part of a Leader & Ender project. I found this video on Youtube which explains it really well.

Since I started cutting up my leftover fabric scraps 2 years ago (it really doesn’t seem that long) I have a good selection of ‘pre-cut’ shapes ready to use (although my 2″ squares are getting a bit low).  Initially I used them without another project, a few minutes at a time to get back into sewing but I’m now up to using them before & after a bigger project. My left ankle had been swelling up whenever I sat with it on the floor but gradually that decreased & now I can spend a couple of hours sat at my machine without too much pain.

Quiltville Leader and Ender quilting project

4 patch blocks as part of a Quiltville Leader and Ender project.

I had planned to make Four Patch Furrows with them but have since come up with a simpler design that I like. Black or very dark grey blocks are being saved for Bricks & Stepping-Stones  which is an even longer term project.

I’ve also been playing with 2 1/2″ squares and half square triangles and have been turning them into Split 9 patch blocks.

Quiltville Split 9 Patch blocks as a Leader and Ender project

Quiltville Split 9 Patch blocks as a Leader and Ender project

I have 15 blocks so far and need 168 to make a decent sized quilt so again another very long term project.

There is also finished project to share but that deserves a full post of it’s own so I’ll save that for another day.

I had a birthday last month and my Husband & Step Mum bought me strip dies for my Accuquilt so I’m going to find it much easier to cut strips and squares from now on. Oh if only I had more time…