Toddler applecore quilt

AGES ago I started making a quilt for my friends’ daughter. She was two last August and it was intended to be for her birthday.  She finally received it last week:

Applecore quilt

Applecore quilt


I had half a meter each of the most beautiful fabrics and wanted to find a design that made the most of them:

Pink Lakehouse elephants

Pink Lakehouse ‘elephant toss’

Green Lakehouse elephants

Green Lakehouse ‘elephant toss’


I cut the pieces with my Accuquilt and the Applecore die but struggled sewing with the curves. So it waited until I could do a class on Curved Piecing with Philippa Naylor and then started putting the pieces together. Pairs, then fours, then eights and so on.


There was a lot of unpicking as I had to get each join to match perfectly:


The top was finished last June but the fabric I wanted for the binding (Kona Baby Pink) was out of stock and came from America. Not long after it arrived I had an accident and injured my ankle which stopped all machine sewing for a long time. 

Then last month I decided to push on and get it finished.


To make the most of the curves I echoed the seams with a walking foot. I love the effect that quilting gives a project and how it just ‘pops’.  I wanted to add a bit of interest and texture so used piping in a dark green which was echoed in the patch on the elephants backs:

Piping and binding on the bias...

Piping and binding on the bias…


Because I wanted to keep the applecore curves on the binding I had to cut both the piping and binding on the bias which made it a bit awkward to apply but I really like the shape of it so it was worth it.

Another shot of the bias piping and binding

Another shot of the bias piping and binding

This is the fabric I used on the back:

backing fabric

backing fabric

and finally a label:

DSC_8927The quilt was received in the post on the day that little J was found to have Chicken Pox so it was perfect timing for her to snuggle under on the sofa whilst watching her favourite DVD.

Toddler applecore quilt

Toddler applecore quilt

My friend loves it and that makes it worth all the effort. I’d love to make an adult sized one but can’t face curved seams again for a while.