Resurrecting projects

We’re in sunny Norfolk for a week (I hope I haven’t jinxed the weather now) and I’ve bought a project to keep me busy:


It’ll be turned into Ruby, Pearl & Opal. I originally started it a few years ago for a friends’ 50th birthday present but used white sheeting for the sashing and wasn’t happy with it at all. I’d got half the blocks put together but it only took a day to undo it all recently and I’m much happier with my fabric choice now.  This time the sashing will be Kona Eggplant (but Aubergine to me as Eggplant sounds really weird as I’m English). I only managed to find one other example of this quilt that didn’t have white sashing but that wasn’t a solid fabric.

I’m also happy to report that my new Accuquilt 1.5″ strip die made short work of  the solid fabric and it was really easy. I cut 8″ strips to cover 7.5″ (5x 1.5″) so had a bit of waste but the accuracy and speed more than makes up for it. Even if I have to buy an extra half metre of fabric for a project to ensure I have enough it’s definitely worth it.

Knitting will also be happening as will a bit of hand sewing as I’m playing with my first English Paper Piecing project:


Using Kona White and a Moda scrap bag in Modern Workshop:



This is a VERY long term project. DD has already claimed it as she loves the fabrics but I don’t think she realises just how long it’s going to take.

My knitting this week is also re-starting an old project but I don’t have anything to show yet. I have decided to give up on making socks for myself for the time being so DH is getting this pair. He’s delighted as he only has one pair of hand knitted socks which is a bit slack of me to be honest. He has big feet which has always put me off in the past but I think it’s psychological as I’m using the same amount of yarn as I would for myself.

So a busy week which also needs to include some non-crafting things and plenty of ball throwing to tire out a bouncy Airedale…