New to me

Unbeknown to me my Mother in Law inherited a sewing machine when she bought her house 9 years ago. An old treadle sewing machine was left behind in the garage by a previous owner.  She mentioned it in passing recently, my husband had a look at it on Saturday and she came home with us yesterday:

Singer Treadle sewing machine

The garage is damp and the bed of the machine is a bit swollen so doesn’t raise up properly and the drawers on the right hand side don’t open but we’re hoping that being in a dry environment will soon sort that out.



From her identification number I’ve found out that she was manufactured in 1887!




Given her age and the damp garage she has been in for over 9 years she’s in remarkably good condition and this corner is the biggest area of damage I found on her top:

2014-06-02 09.59.38


The decals are very pretty birds:

2014-06-02 10.41.07

I think she’s a VS3 and has a shuttle and bobbin but only one foot:



So for now she’s wrapped up to protect her from the sun and snoozing in the conservatory to dry out. Hopefully the oak will dry out enough that she can be used and then we can clean her up and get the bits she needs including a leather belt.

2014-06-02 10.34.49

I’ve never used a treadle machine before but a good friend has and is going to show me how to use her.  And yes she is a female, no name yet. I’ve never named a sewing machine before but this one has SO much character it’s a given. The cats are going to lose their favourite chair in the living room eventually so she can come into the house properly but I think she deserves a dry home again.