It’s like Christmas…

The treadle sewing machine is starting to dry out and this morning I was able to open the last drawer.

This instruction booklet was found in the top left drawer:


Unfortunately part of it has been cut with what looks like pinking shears.

Last night the bottom right drawer opened to reveal a new leather belt:

2014-06-03 08.52.52

This morning I hit the jackpot and got the final drawer (top right) open:

2014-06-03 08.55.14

An old leather belt, a screwdriver, 2 keys, a lump of what is either paraffin or bees wax and a toffee tin.

The little tin is full of feet and accessories:


But only this foot says the word Singer on it so I’ve got no idea what make this machine is:

2014-06-03 08.51.29


I’m still waiting for the wooden bed that the machine sits in to dry out and then we can start cleaning her up. I’ve been warned not to use WD40 and will try and find some sewing machine oil whilst I’m waiting…