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Money saving July

In July we managed to save a whopping 19.75% from our food budget which is almost an increase of 5% on last month. The cupboards, fridge & freezer were again filled up before the end of the month and I even had enough to fill 2 carrier bags of food for our local food bank. […]

June budgeting

After my last post detailing how I’m aiming to save money on our household spending I’m pleased to announce that I saved 15% from our food budget in June. An increase of 5% on the previous month and like last month we ended the month with full cupboards and freezers.  In fact twice this week […]

Posh Paws

Oscar has been suffering in the heat recently so I spent most of yesterday grooming him. After last summers fiasco with grass seeds I decided to clip his paws very short like a Poodle to try and avoid a repeat performance. Before grooming he looked like a normal Airedale Terrier albeit a bit shaggy. As we’re finally experiencing a […]

Watermelon socks

Pattern: David’s Toe-Up Sock Cookbook by David Schulz using 3×1 twisted rib. Yarn: 65g of Opal Acapulco shade 1306 and 33g of Regia Uni shade 1092 Needles: 2x 2.25mm circulars Made for: me, UK 7 Method: Two at a time, toe up. The toes were cast on separately, rejoined and then separated again for the heels before rejoining and […]

Progress report

I’ve been busily working on my socks whenever I’ve had a few minutes spare and finally I feel as if I’m getting somewhere: Comparing them against my Easter socks I’ve only got a bit more to go before I can start the rib…

Necessary budgeting

Like many of you we’ve been increasingly having to juggle our finances as the cost of living increases, pay freezes continue to bite and in addition I’ve had a huge cut in salary since I got made redundant in February.  I was fortunate enough to get another job within days but my hours are a […]


a modelled photo of the Moss stitch edged cardigan that I finished a while ago:  

Our morning walks…

For the past two weeks my husband has walked with Oscar and I in an attempt to get fitter after his surgery before returning to work. We are lucky in that we are near to a beautiful park where dogs are allowed to run off lead and Oscar has a firm group of friends. There […]

A quick explanation

Life has been a bit crazy here recently. I’m finding it hard to find time to sit down and write out a full post so I’ll just summarise it quickly. I got made redundant at the end of February which although not unexpected was a shock. I was lucky enough to get another job 3 […]

Some knitting

I finished a knitting project ages ago but forgot to share it:     Pattern: Cardigan with Moss Stitch Edging by Debbie Bliss. Yarn: 100g of Baby Cashmerino Needles: 3mm & 3.25mm circulars Made for: Baby J, size 12 – 18 months. Method: Sleeves, fronts and pockets were all knitted two at a time. Time taken to knit: […]

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