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Posh Paws

Oscar has been suffering in the heat recently so I spent most of yesterday grooming him. After last summers fiasco with grass seeds I decided to clip his paws very short like a Poodle to try and avoid a repeat performance. Before grooming he looked like a normal Airedale Terrier albeit a bit shaggy. As we’re finally experiencing a […]

Our morning walks…

For the past two weeks my husband has walked with Oscar and I in an attempt to get fitter after his surgery before returning to work. We are lucky in that we are near to a beautiful park where dogs are allowed to run off lead and Oscar has a firm group of friends. There […]

2 weeks ago

I made a birthday present for my niece: Pattern: Pink Penguins’ Fabric Basket. Fabric: Various Tanya Whelan prints with Essex Yarn Dyed in Denim for the base. Made for:My 13 year old neice E who will be getting her own room soon. Time taken to:March 5th  – 6th 2013     I really like this little […]

Merry Christmas

I hope you’re all having a lovely day with loved ones. We’ve had a relaxing day and will be eating a wonderful meal soon prepared by my husband. I’ve got Tendonitis in my right hand at the moment so haven’t been able to do much to help or even knit 🙁 Oscar also enjoys Christmas […]

Sore paw again

The day after his operation I found a sore on Oscars’ other fore paw that looked exactly the same as the last. So with the help of warm salted water, my husband and a large amount of cat biscuits I opened it up and removed all the ‘gunk’. Again the seed had gone and as […]

Elusive seed

Oscar is home after his operation. Unfortunately the vet couldn’t find the grass seed but he saw ‘tracks’ where it had moved around and killed tissue. He spent half an hour flushing it out but the seed is still hiding. The dressing is to be changed on Friday and hopefully the seed will be found. […]

Sore paw…

Oscar is having an operation today to remove the grass seeds from his paw. PLEASE check your pets regularly for sharp grass seeds as they are VERY dangerous. Please read this and this for more information.

Hidden dangers*

Every morning when I exercise Oscar he retrieves his ball with a fanatical obsession that borders on mania. Must chase the ball… Whilst this is an excellent way to tire him out and ensure a calmer day it didn’t take place this morning much to his disgust. Yesterday I noticed that he was favouring his […]

Still here…

Life is a bit crazy at the moment. My husband has a slipped disc and is off work. He’s unable to sit so has to lie on the bed, floor or stand which also causes him pain. He’s desperately missing cycling but the Tour de France has helped a bit. My daughter (now 16, how […]

Goodbye Annie

Last month I had to say Goodbye to my eldest dog Annie: Like Blue, Annie came to live with us via West of England and South Wales Airedale Terrier Club.  She narrowly avoided being drowned in a horse trough at 8 weeks of age by her ‘breeder’ as she had been rejected by a broker, […]

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