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More snow

It snowed again last night and this time we had about 2″. So nothing horrendous and with winter tyres on the car and Yaktraks on my boots I enjoyed our walk this morning. As did the dogs: Annie seemed to have a bit of bounce but the snow revealed just how much she drags her […]

A little bit of snow

We had our first snow of the winter last night and woke up to 3″ on the ground. Whilst it isn’t a patch on last years snowfall it was still very welcome. Last night when I took Annie out for a ‘comfort break’ I realised that it was the first time I’d walked in snow […]

>Another year older

>It was my birthday on Saturday and DH ensured that I was spoilt. It was a ‘significant’ birthday and we’d always planned to go abroad for it but due to a number of reasons including the fact that it was Easter Weekend we decided to stay at home. My main present was an upgrade to […]

>A rare sight

> Oscar relaxed after his morning walk. He’s the highest energised dog I’ve ever known, chasing the ball tires him out but not for long.

>Airedales playing

>Although a bit late I thought some of you would enjoy these photos. The first few were taken in the heavy snow we had early in December: Oscar jumping on Annie Oscar sniffing something……. Oscar enjoying the snow Then we had more snow just before Christmas: Oscar posing with his beloved ball Oscar & Annie […]

>It’s cold!

>We’ve got snow and the dogs are enjoying it…. However Oscar didn’t want to play with anything else apart from his ball this morning and barked his head off when it wasn’t thrown quick enough. We’re enjoying our wood burning stove and our wood shed is full of seasoned logs so if the cold weather […]

>Bouncin’ on the Beach

>Oscars’ first visit to a beach he likes sand under his paws Wow this is fun! Got it! Mine….. I wanna take it home… Wheeeeeeeee! I’m gonna get you! Umph! Poor Annie! Quick recovery…. Ouch! Come here….. 1,2,3… Bitey face! Just keep your tail still…. Hahaha you can’t catch me I said keep it STILL!!! […]

>On holiday

> We’re all enjoying a change of scenery especially Annie as she loves paddling in the sea.

>24 hours later

> Typical of an English summer it’s now raining & I have two soggy dogs.

>cool(er) ‘dales

> The dogs have a bath, blowdry, haircut & pedicure much to their disgust but hopefully they’re feeling a bit better for it.

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