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>I’ve been very busy today: Oscar before grooming Annie looking stinky Annie & Oscar Oscar looking clean & handsome Their winter coats are now in the compost bin and both dogs are feeling great. However we’d forgotten just how small Oscar is although he makes up for the lack of inches with personality!

>More snow


>Snow fun


>Koigu joy

>At the weekend DD very kindly put her hand into a bag and chose my February ‘Personal Sock Club’ yarn: My February Personal Sock Club yarn and this is what she chose: Purple Koigu KPM I already knew my gauge with this yarn as I’d previously attempted to make Laburnum but it wasn’t to be. […]

>Home At Last…..

>Annie pleased to be home She was happy to leap into the car & ran into the house. Her bed has been slept on, the new mat in front of the fire tested & Oscar’s bed sampled. She’s currently back in front of the fire totally stretched out & snoozing. It must be like being […]

>Good Bye & Good Riddance

>I for one am happy to see the back of 2008. It has been a difficult year in this household & I’ve had enough. In January I had an appraisal at work. I had exceeded my sales target by 214% so expected a pat on the back but instead got a total b*llocking for something […]

>It’s a hard life…

> As an Airedale!


>Not much knitting going on here at the moment as my life is cr*p. Things aren’t going to plan with the new job but I daren’t mention anymore just yet. Lets just say I’m VERY stressed. This is going to be a Christmas present for my MIL & until yesterday it was hiding in a […]

>’Dales do Dalby

> We’re on holiday & I’m starting to walk them again. I’m a bit slow & can’t yet do the 4 miles that I normally do but I managed 2 this morning. I think the fact that I’ve lost nearly 4 stone in the past 11 months & am a lot fitter than I used […]


> I’ve now got just over two weeks off before I start my new job. So lots of walking the ‘dales, spending time with DD(who has been a lot better recently), gardening & of course knitting. Now all I need is some sunshine!

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