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>Another year older

>It was my birthday on Saturday and DH ensured that I was spoilt. It was a ‘significant’ birthday and we’d always planned to go abroad for it but due to a number of reasons including the fact that it was Easter Weekend we decided to stay at home. My main present was an upgrade to […]

>Cornflake Slices

>We haven’t made Cornflake Buns for ages so I thought I’d treat DD. First the Mars Bars were sliced up: Then they were melted & mixed in with cornflakes & put onto a plate: As our new kitchen is smaller than our old one we haven’t unpacked all the boxes yet and so I didn’t […]

>I’m so excited…

>we’ve found our perfect house It doesn’t need much work apart from decoration as it was owned by an elderly couple previously. So now we’ve got to sell ours quickly – I’m sure the estate agent is fed up with me as I’ve spoken to her nearly every day this week – here’s hoping……

>Don’t you just love him…..

>My life is so hectic nowdays that the batch cooking New Years Resolution has become vital. This was proven beyond all doubt when we were both ill a few weeks ago & still managed to feed DD healthy home cooked food every night. DD is currently swimming 4 times a week & I swim the […]

>Domestic goddess? – I think not

>DD’s school held a summer fair today but she was already entered for a swimming gala. The school asked for parents to held man stalls etc. I didn’t offer anything for obvious reasons but when another letter was sent out saying that the fair might not go ahead due to a lack of parental support […]