Category: budgeting

Money saving July

In July we managed to save a whopping 19.75% from our food budget which is almost an increase of 5% on last month. The cupboards, fridge & freezer were again filled up before the end of the month and I even had enough to fill 2 carrier bags of food for our local food bank. […]

June budgeting

After my last post detailing how I’m aiming to save money on our household spending I’m pleased to announce that I saved 15% from our food budget in June. An increase of 5% on the previous month and like last month we ended the month with full cupboards and freezers.  In fact twice this week […]

Necessary budgeting

Like many of you we’ve been increasingly having to juggle our finances as the cost of living increases, pay freezes continue to bite and in addition I’ve had a huge cut in salary since I got made redundant in February.  I was fortunate enough to get another job within days but my hours are a […]