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>Bouncin’ on the Beach

>Oscars’ first visit to a beach he likes sand under his paws Wow this is fun! Got it! Mine….. I wanna take it home… Wheeeeeeeee! I’m gonna get you! Umph! Poor Annie! Quick recovery…. Ouch! Come here….. 1,2,3… Bitey face! Just keep your tail still…. Hahaha you can’t catch me I said keep it STILL!!! […]

>On holiday

> We’re all enjoying a change of scenery especially Annie as she loves paddling in the sea.


> We’ve been away for the weekend & I packed some long abandoned projects to keep me busy. One has already been finished & my Baby Ribbon blanket above is near completion as I’m working the border. Each round is taking over 20 minutes so progress isn’t fast. I’ve concluded that I have too many […]

>Homeward bound

> We’ve had our first caravan holiday of the year and am now heading home. DH and I relaxed whilst DD typically found loads of reasons to strop. My purple koigu socks are finished and I’m about to swatch for my next pair whilst DH takes us home.


> We met this old lady on our walk this morning….

>Purple Progress

> The heels have been turned + I’m now working up the legs…

>Knitting on the beach

> We went to Port Mulgrave near Whitby & found lots of fossils with a bit of knitting!

>Bank Holiday break

>We went to North Yorkshire last weekend for our last trip in the caravan this season. Due to swimming galas & other commitments we can’t go away again this year so made the most of our last trip. The site was near Richmond and whilst the area was beautiful the campsite was a total nightmare. […]

>Tolkien country

>As they’re so popular I thought I’d share the other pictures that DH took of the fantastic tree roots at Aria Force: Tree roots Tree roots The whole area reminds me of Tolkien from the impossibly steep hills & passes to the lakes & trees. (Click the panoramic for a much larger image, beaware that […]

>Our holiday in the Lake District – warning LOTS of photographs

>We had a fantastic time & luckily the weather held until the last day of the holiday. As we drove out of the Lakes yesterday we heard that a severe weather warning for Cumbria had been issued with really didn’t surprise us as the rain was torrential. But away from the British preoccupation with the […]

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