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>Yipee – FO’s!!!

>We had a great time in Coniston & got home this afternoon. Living in a confined space for two weeks really makes me appreciate my home, modest it may be but I don’t have to share one of two washing machines with 315 other ‘units’ some of which may contain 6 people!!! Yes you’ve guessed […]

>Farewell for now….

>We’re going away tomorrow morning to spend two weeks in the caravan in Coniston. The first week will be really busy as we’re with DH’s mum, sister, BIL + their 3 children. The second week is just the 3 of us & I know that we’ll need it after such a busy noisy time. Lots […]

>nearly there….

>I’ve nearly finished some stuff but HATE sewing up etc so have patience with me. I’ve finally bought the right coloured sewing thread to sew in the lining of the French Market bag which has been waiting for ages, have one more arm to sew up on Daisy plus a flower & a bit of […]

>Bank holiday weekend

>As DH & I both had Monday (today) off work we had arranged to go away in the caravan for the weekend. Of course things were working against us to ruin any chance of a nice break: DD was sick last week so we nearly didn’t go. The weather – it rained constantly from the […]

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