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>Play Time!

> He’s known as Frankie aka Thunder Paws and both dogs LOVE him…..

>New recruit!

> For what seems like ages I’ve wanted to get another cat, a boy cat to be precise and if possible a blue boy. Years ago when DH and I first got together he had a gorgeous long haired female called Furry Cat who was sadly killed on the road, I vowed then that one […]

>Sunday Afternoon

>I did some gardening…. and had help!

>Happy Mothers Day!

>I hope every Mum has had a lovely relaxing day today. Normally I don’t but DD hadn’t been too bad until half an hour ago. I think the hassle of trying to be good and helping someone else is just too much effort for her! To get myself into the mood I’m wearing my Mother’s […]

>Good Bye & Good Riddance

>I for one am happy to see the back of 2008. It has been a difficult year in this household & I’ve had enough. In January I had an appraisal at work. I had exceeded my sales target by 214% so expected a pat on the back but instead got a total b*llocking for something […]

>Merry Christmas

>or should it be ‘Merry Catmas’?

>Good Bye Spam Cat

>We had to say good bye to Pam today Pam in July 2007 aged 16 1/2 years She was a funny little cat and had a very definite character. She was one of three kittens that DH adopted 18 months before we met and the last of the gang. In our old house she lived […]

>Home at last!

> After 6 days away from home Pam is back. She was found this morning in someones garage 10 minutes walk from our house. She’s been checked by the vet who advised us to give her lots of tlc! She’s so happy to be home & hasn’t stopped purring.

>Searching for Pam….

>Pam Pam is missing & was last seen on Sunday evening. We’re doing everything we can to find her. She’s nearly 18 & deaf. Please keep your fingers crossed that we find her quickly if she’s still alive & if not at least find out what happened to her.

>I did it!

>It had just started to rain by the time I got the dogs out of the car but I didn’t chicken out & have started running! If you can call it that. Oscar loped alongside me without breaking into a run but speed ‘might’ come once I’m fitter I hope I can get out of […]

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