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>Knitting content + some horrible news

>Finally some details of what I’ve been doing recently. Firstly the headband which I started when we were on holiday: Red headband Pattern:Molly’s Headband from Interweave KnitsYarn: Debbie Bliss Cotton DKAmount of yarn used: 31g Needle size: 4mmStarted: 14th August2006Finished: 24th August 2006 This should have only taken a couple of days but I’m still […]

>Yipee – FO’s!!!

>We had a great time in Coniston & got home this afternoon. Living in a confined space for two weeks really makes me appreciate my home, modest it may be but I don’t have to share one of two washing machines with 315 other ‘units’ some of which may contain 6 people!!! Yes you’ve guessed […]

>Knitting content

>Amongst all the swap teamed up with matching beads. Needles: 2x 2.5mm addi turbo circulars. I made this cover for a friend who stepped in to help us last week. We had concert tickets booked ages ago as was the babysitter (MIL) but as she’d just come out of hospital suddenly that wasn’t an option. […]

>My first pattern – Mobile phone cover!

>knitted mobile phone cover Using the left over yarn from my Oriel socks I have designed a new cover for my mobile phone. The original cover that I got with the phone lasted 6 months before the popper broke & they’re £10 to replace. When I can buy a ball of Opal for £6.99 or […]

>Knitting World Cup completed

>All of our squad have completed their Knitting World Cup projects & we met up today in the park to compare notes: Manna Uknitted squad projects completed Piglottie made the French Market Bag & as our coach kept us motivated & kicked butts where necessary , Piglet created a beautiful Fair Isle beret which is […]

>Off the needles….

>Stripey blue baby blanket Yarn: Sirdar Snowflake Chunky Magic shade 412 3x 50g balls, 9g left.5mm needlesDimensions: 86cm long x 59cm wide Pattern – my own cast on 108 stitches length waysGarter stitch for 4 rowsRepeat the next two rows until desired size.Row 1: Knit rowRow 2: K4, P to last 4 stitches, K4To finish, […]

>Mothers’ Day socks completed

>Mothers Day Garter Rib Socks Pattern: Garter Rib from Sensational Knitted Socks Yarn: Opal Sugar Almond Magic Yarn from Get Knitted2.5mm addi turbosStarted: 26th March 2006Finished: 26th April 2006 DD gave me the yarn for Mothers Day and apart from going wrong on the second sock when I was ill these socks have gone really […]

>Tiger cubs

>The Stripey Tiger has finally received the surprise knit mentioned here Tiger Cubs Yarn: left overs from my Opal Rainforest Tiger Jaywalkers. Pattern: Heel and Toe socks aged 3-6 months in 50 Baby Bootees to Knit previously used here. 3mm addi turbos.

>Finally – It’s happened to me…..

>The Tiger Opal Rainforest Jaywalkers are finished: Tiger Jaywalkers Started: November 13th 2005Finished: March 17th 2006Yarn: Tiger Opal Rainforest These socks have taken a stupid amount of time to knit but are only my third pair & with hindsight I wasn’t ready for this pattern. I got stuck LOADS of times but have made it […]

>Still here

>Thanks to everyone for your comments & emails. They’re much appreciated. It’s a real mix of things but I think that Ruth has probably hit closest to home. So close in fact that she recommended on Sunday evening that I take to my bed when I had in fact spent all day in bed listening […]

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