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>Goodbye 2007

>Well looking back it’s been an eventful year for us: We sold our old house and moved. Had leaks through the kitchen ceiling, coped with a broken foot & flooding. I had to abandon our car due to the depth of the water & the roads were impassable near my office but fortunately our new […]

>Back on track

>I’d like to thank you all for all the lovely comments over the past few weeks. The Flooding has left us luckily untouched (apart from when I had to abandon the car) & our home is safe & dry. However many thousands of people weren’t so lucky and everywhere you go piles of ruined carpets […]

>Ok so far

> The predicted bad weather hasn’t arrived yet + the severity has been scaled down. Every day we hear of more friends that have been flooded + there isn’t a single hotel room to be found anywhere (or doubles either). Knitting content to resume soon + something else as I have a new toy! Blogged […]

>The aftermath

>After all the rain yesterday the effects have been horrendous. Parts of the city including where my MIL & SIL & her family live are still under water & cut off. MIL lives on the same street that we left in March & although her house wasn’t flooded she can’t leave the area as all […]

>Update on flooding

>DD is on cloud nine as her school is closed tomorrow but we couldn’t have got there even if it were open as the car is still where I left it on a hill near my office. The whole area has been really bad affected & a man died this afternoon after being trapped in […]

>We’re home safely

>Thanks to the kindness of one of DH’s work colleagues we all home safely. He & DH managed to get near my office but I was cut off by waist deep water. One of my colleagues has a much higher car than ours so managed to get through it, just & I then transferred to […]

>Heading home

> I,ve abandoned our car + one of DH,s workmates managed to get near my office + we,ve managed to pick DD up. Blogged via mobile click on pic to enlarge.

>I,m trapped

> I parked the car on high ground but the roads are closed. DH is heading home on the bus + DD is at school safe for now but with a cast on her foot can,t walk in the flood water. Blogged via mobile click on pic to enlarge.

>View from office window

> Most of the cars have been moved. The toilets are backing up…< Blogged via mobile click on pic to enlarge.

>Car park

> I,ve got wet feet. Blogged via mobile click on pic to enlarge.

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